Friday, March 27, 2009

Midnight Madness!

After work the other night I decided to use some of my coupons before the expire and also Meijers had some terrific deals that I could not pass up. Here is what I got. Sorry about the sun in the window. Also I got all of this in two transactions.
Meijers had 4 roll angel soft for $1.oo so I got Wal-Mart to comp. the add so I got 6 pks minus the .50 coupons for all 6 making it $3.00 for all.
6 tubes of Crest toothpaste 1.00 minus the .50 coupons making them 3.00
Wal-Mart had the Pringles for 1.00, I had (2) .50 coupons making them 2.00 for 4
I was not sure if Wal-Mart would take the Cascade coupon since it was over the amount of the price of the actual product but they did. On the first trip I only got two.
2 Cascade at 2.49 each I had 2 coupons for 3.oo off making them free!!
6 Gillette body wash on clearance for 2.00 I had 2.00 off coupon making them free!
Subtotal 32.98 minus discount and coupons 13.20 out of pocket.
Second Trip...
I gathered the rest of my Cascade coupons and got 5 more boxes for free!
Meijers had Betty Crocker Warm Delights for 1.00 and I had 8 coupons for .50 off making them 4.00
Meijers also had Herbal Essence for 2.77 each and I had coupons for 3.00 off when you buy 2 making them 5.54 for two minus the $3.oo off which is 2.54. Cheaper for two than it was for one before coupons. I got 8 shampoos total.
Jaxen wanted spongebob band aids (2.oo) I had 1.oo off coupon making them 1.oo
He also threw in 2 matchbox cars at .97
Subtotal of the first transaction 46.16 minus coupons and discount 15.74 out of pocket!
Subtotal of the second transaction 32.98 minus coupons and discount 13.20
Grand total of everything you see in the picture...28.94!!
Oh yeah..I forgot ..the diet Dr pepper was free! Yes!! I had a coupon =)

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