Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Last night after work I decided to shop a little and use some coupons that I had on me. I also wanted to test a few to see if they would work on what I wanted to use them on. =).
Everything in the above pictures cost me 2.80 after coupons and discount. YAY ME!
Dr.Pepper $1- $1 coupon (in 12 pack..look for marked pks)=FREE
12 Suave .94 - (12).75 coupon= $2.28
5 Quaker Quakes $1-(5)$1 coupons=FREE
Soft Soap-$2.oo-$1.00 coupon=$1.oo
Trial size Axe bodywash-.97 -$1.oo coupon=FREE (this is one of the ones that I wanted to make sure that the coupon worked before I used all of the other ones I have at home.)
Olay bar soap(2 bar pack)-$2.48-$2.00 coupon= .48 (this is the other one that I wanted to make sure worked)
Subtotal = $28.73
minus - $2.37 discount
subtotal- $26.36
after coupons - $2.80 (and $1.44 of that was TAX)

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